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Dajna Company d.o.o.

Dajna Company d.o.o. is a family business engaged in the purchase, import, export and processing of fish and fish products. At Dajna, we also deal with the distribution of a wide range of premium quality food products to restaurants and other catering facilities throughout the Adriatic.


Dajna Company d.o.o. is a family business located in Murter that was founded in 1998. A lot of effort and dedication of our family, which was supported by togetherness and harmony, have helped create today's developed, stable and well-recognized family business,

famous for its outstanding quality of service, originality and confirmed quality of products. A significant part of our business is related to wholesale and the distribution of a rich assortment of high-quality products for restaurants and other catering facilities.


catering facilities

Wholesale, which constitutes a significant part of our business, refers to finding and distributing various high-quality products designed for catering facilities, as well as their selling and delivery in Dalmatia and on the islands.

We offer a large and varied selection of local and international products.

exclusive distribution

Regarding wholesale, Dajna successfully cooperates with Italian family company MAINARDI FOOD as its exclusive distributor for the Dalmatia region. Sharing product quality and customer commitment as equal values, Dajna supplies catering facilities in Dalmatia with more than six thousand products from Mainardi food offer.


Dajna has also expanded its wholesale by cooperating with Croatian company ALCA Beverages within the framework of their recent project ALCA Beverages. In Dalmatia, we distribute their rich offer of premium wine, liquor and beer.

Our products

Adriatic fish and seafood

When it comes to production, Dajna deals with cleaning, processing, packaging and distribution of fresh Adriatic fish and seafood obtained directly from fishermen.

In order to preserve the superior quality of fresh products, after cleaning we pack products in styrofoam plates and shrink wrap them, without adding food additives or water.

We offer the following products from our own production:

All of the abovementioned products for retail are packed in a designed packaging of 400 g and 500 g with a label stating nutritional value and a recipe.

The products are also available in wholesale gastronomic packages.


Retail of fish, fish products

Retail of fish, fish products and other foodstuffs from our offer is available on the island of Murter. In the town of Murter on Murter island there are two fish markets.

Exclusive distribution


„Quality is the key to success.“

-Eduardo Mainardi

MAINARDI FOOD S.r.l., located in RONCHI DEI LEGIONARI (Gorizia) has a 36-year-old tradition of selling food products to catering facilities in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Mainardi Food offers a rich assortment of more than 6000 superior quality products that meet almost all needs of any catering facility, from a bar and pizza restaurant up to the biggest restaurants and hotels. Mainardi Food products are designed for Italian and West European market, and they place special emphasis on quality.

All information about Mainardi Food business and partners can be found on the following link:

Mainardi food




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